Asgardian Stones Online Slot Rating and reviews

Asgardian Stones Online Slot Rating and reviews

The slot machine can be played on any device, and despite the fact that it has been optimized for Chrome, you won’t have any trouble accessing the game on any of the other browsers out there. You may start playing with as little as ten pence on each wager, and the return to player percentage is a respectable 96.31 percent.

There are two different bonus modes available, one of which includes a bonus wheel element that may result in a number of different free spins. When combined with the game’s maximum wager of £200, the 500x jackpot that is up for grabs if you are fortunate enough to win it means that you have the opportunity to take home a significant sum of money. Because there is no assurance of a positive outcome, putting all of one’s money into anything is inherently fraught with peril and, in most cases, should be avoided.

Configuration of the Game and Devices

The mobile and desktop versions of the online slot game known as Asgardian Stones are both available to players. The slot machine has a basic layout, consisting of five reels and twenty paylines throughout the game. It is usually a good idea to review the pay table before beginning to familiarize yourself with the general symbol value, and this holds true even if you have experience playing slots of the same sort in the past. You won’t have any trouble discovering the pay table thanks to NetEnt since all you have to do is click on the little I button that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Even while it would seem to be a rather normal slot in terms of game design, there are several fascinating aspects that truly make the title stand out, and that’s without even taking into account the fact that the music and images have been accomplished so beautifully. In addition to the bonus wheel, there is also an avalanche function (we will talk more about this in a minute), as well as expanding and gigantic symbols. These features assist to make the game entertaining and possibly extremely profitable if you place bets on it.

The gameplay as well as the features

The symbols with the least value are formed by runes that are based on regular letters. If you are successful in aligning all five of the gods’ faces along a payline, you will get a payout that is equal to 25 times your original wager. The different gods’ faces each have their own unique value. The fact that the wilds in this game are represented by a large letter ‘W’ also makes it extremely simple to identify them. These may be used in place of any symbol, with the exception of those that appear on the bonus wheel. In addition to the bonus wheel mode, this game also has the features of enormous crush and avalanche.

If you are a frequent player of slot machines, you may be acquainted with a feature called the avalanche. Although it appears in other games under a different name, the avalanche is the same thing. After a player has been awarded a prize, the winning symbols will disappear. If there are any vacant spaces below, the rows that correspond to those empty spaces will be crushed as a result of the “avalanche” of new symbols that will descend. Each row that is crushed results in a one-time multiplier, and this may go on up to a maximum of four times. You will be awarded the whole prizes for the first winning line in addition to any multipliers whenever the avalanche reaches the bottom or comes to a halt.

If you are fortunate enough to strike a 3×3 bonus wheel on reels three, four, and five, the bonus wheel will be enabled. The amount of the wheel that is exposed depends on a number of factors, but once it is activated, each segment of the wheel has the potential to provide you with either multipliers (up to five times your entire stake) or free spins. The free spins that are awarded by spinning the wheel have the additional ability to transform any wild symbols into monstrous symbols. In addition, you have the potential to spin the bonus wheel a maximum of three times.


In general, this is another one of NetEnt’s games that is of high quality. You can keep the stakes nice and modest if you wish, and there is also a demo option, so it’s quite user-friendly for those who are just starting out. Spinners with more experience may already be aware that this game is fairly similar to Gonzo’s Quest, a well-known classic that serves as a viable alternative to this particular title because of its similarities. However, Asgardian Stones now has a more appealing appearance than it had in the past.

Players that like a higher level of excitement in their gaming will undoubtedly find the ability to participate in games with extremely high stakes to be appealing. The RTP isn’t too shabby either. All things considered, it’s a fantastic slot machine that offers a little something for everyone, including inexperienced players, those looking for pleasure, and those who like taking risks.

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